Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More On How Low Cholesterol May Be Bad for Your Health

A surprising percentage of my patients with mental health symptoms have low total cholesterol. Low cholesterol, which is a level below 4.14 mmol/l or 160 mg/dl may lead to numerous health problems as I have written about in this blog entry. If you have low cholesterol or if you have any mental health symptoms, that article is worth reading again. 

Here is another article on the subject, posted by R. L. Coffield which describes the observation of the link between low cholesterol and poor health and early death. Of course, he starts by stating the obvious, we hear so much to the contrary, who wouldn't be confused.

Health conscious people may be feeling increasingly confused over the litany of contradictory claims made by the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and a host of independent scientists. Lately, it seems there is a growing chorus of researchers espousing that low cholesterol levels may, indeed, actually be detrimental to one’s health.

Low Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, author of The Great Cholesterol Con (not to be confused with Colpo's book of the same title) is just one of many medical professionals speaking out about the scientifically unverifiable link between cholesterol and heart disease. Dr. Malcolm is a vocal member of a growing number of professionals who believe that “A falling cholesterol level is associated with a greater risk of heart disease.” He cites statistics showing that when cholesterol levels in Japan rose, “…life expectancy increased, and death from all forms of cardiovascular disease fell dramatically.”

Become informed. Read the whole article.

There is also mention, that health and longevity are linked to diets lower in simple carbohydrates. 

To your health.
Dr. B