Thursday, December 10, 2015

Alarming: Children Diagnosed with Celiac Disease Have a 40 Percent Increased Risk of Suicide by the Age of 20!

Here is a quote from Dr. Tom O'Bryan a well known gluten sensitivity expert, author and speaker from a presentation on "Anxiety Summit" put on by Trudy Scott:

Dr. Tom O’Bryan - Gluten’s impact on the inflamed brain: reducing anxiety and depression on season 2 of The Anxiety Summit, November 3-16, 2014 (my bold)

Children diagnosed with celiac disease have a 40 percent increased risk of suicide, with or without a gluten-free diet. I mean it's just startling that that's the situation but it is. And maybe we'll get into this more, but it's because people get diagnosed with a sensitivity to gluten, or people think they have a sensitivity to gluten so they go on a gluten-free diet. That is not the treatment for what's ailing the patient; that is a prerequisite to the treatment for what's ailing a patient, that you have to deal with the damage that's accrued over the years from eating this food that you did not know was a problem for you.

It's the same as for elders diagnosed with celiac disease, they have a 3.86, that's almost fourfold increased risk of dying in the first year after diagnosis. They're four times more likely to die in that year after diagnosis and going on a gluten-free diet compared to someone their age who has not been diagnosed and does not go on a gluten-free diet. They're four times more likely to die in that first year. Because you can't just put people on a gluten-free diet; you have to deal with the damage that's accrued. And that's the missing link.

And that's the missing link for our kids with this suicide thing. There's two things: one, you have to deal with the damage that's accrued. You've got to take the right vitamins and the right minerals. You have to work with a nutritionist that knows what they're doing to help rebuild your tissue and give you good, high levels, not maintenance levels; there's really a difference between a maintenance level of a vitamin and a rebuilding level of a vitamin. You need the maintenance levels, obviously, just to maintain and not regenerate, but then you need more to rebuild. And many of our doctors don't know that.

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