Saturday, May 21, 2016

Do Yourself a Favour! Sauna on a Biweekly Basis to Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Death!

Sauna: what is the risk of cardiovascular death?

Whether you have a diagnosis of celiac or gluten sensitivity or not, it is a good idea to use a sauna. FIR sauna is the sauna I recommend but if you are not used to doing sauna, start off slow with perhaps only 5 to ten minutes. And always get out of the sauna the minute you don't feel well. Prepare with a drink of electrolytes and have another glass of electrolytes part way through or after the sauna to replace the electrolytes.

Researchers asked the question: what is the risk of cardiovascular death with regular use of sauna?

Monday 16 May 2016

The regular practice of sauna by middle-aged men, depending on the number of sessions per week and/or their duration (dose response relationship [DRR]) is associated in the long-term, as concerns cardiovascular (CV) death, with:

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1. Decreased risk, without DRR
2. Decreased risk, with DRR
3. Increased risk, without DRR
4. Increased risk, with DRR

Correct. The correct answer is: 2. Decreased risk, with DRR

Commented answer

The result is based on the prospective monitoring for nearly 21 years of a cohort of 2,315 Finnish men initially aged 42 to 60 years old. The CV death was defined as sudden cardiac death, a fatal coronary heart disease or another fatal CV event. After adjustment for CV risk factors, the average number of saunas in a week (1; 2 to 3; 4 to 7) and their average duration (11 min; 11-19 min. > 19 min.) were inversely correlated with the risk of CV death. The reduction of all-cause mortality was also inversely correlated with the frequency of sessions, but not with their duration.


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